Nashua, NH Dentist: What Happens If You Don’t Care for Your Gums Well

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Nashua, NH Dentist: What Happens If You Don’t Care for Your Gums Well

Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth. Forming a tight cuff around your teeth, your gums do not only keep them anchored in place, they also serve as a protective barrier for your jaw bone against bacteria. A broken or chipped teeth can be fixed or replaced with dental prosthetics, but diseased gums can result to permanent teeth loss.


Brushing alone is not enough to remove plaque between teeth, and if not removed on time, bacteria-containing plaque will harden into a thick deposit called tartar, which can irritate the gums. Over time, tartar buildup can lead to chronic infection as it goes deep into the gum line, leading to a condition called periodontitis. When this happens, the bones and tissues holding the teeth are destroyed, and without sufficient support, the teeth loosen or may have to be removed. Only professional cleaning can remove tartar, so it is important for locals to schedule regular visits to a dentist in Nashua, NH.

Contributing Factors and Warning Signs

Aside from inadequate oral hygiene, many other factors can lead to gum disease. These include smoking, aging, genetic predisposition, diabetes, systemic conditions, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, medications and even stress. Regardless of the trigger, consult a trusted Nashua dentist like Dr. Taraneh Mahjoobi if you’re experiencing the following warning signs:

  • • red, tender/ swollen gums
  • • gums are extra sensitive and bleed easily
  • • pus discharge when your teeth and gums are pressed
  • • your gums seem to withdraw away from your teeth
  • • bite discomfort
  • • chronic bad breath
  • • partials or dentures no longer fit as before

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