Dentist in Nashua Warns Against the Effects of SBS to Dental Health

Dentist in Nashua Warns Against the Effects of SBS to Dental Health
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Dentist in Nashua Warns Against the Effects of SBS to Dental Health

The average American consumes 150 to 170 lbs. of sugar in one year. That translates to 30 to 34 five-pound bags of sugar each year, or ¼ to ½ pounds of sugar every day. While you may not be taking that much sugar in a day, someone else in the country is consuming way more than you.

Dentist in Nashua Warns Against the Effects of SBS to Dental Health

Where is all that sugar coming from? A lot of it is found in sugar-sweetened beverages (SBS) that include soda, fruit drinks, and energy drinks. A 12-ounce can of soda, for example, contains 8 ounces of sugar, so it takes only four cans to consume ¼ pounds in one day. To many, consuming four cans of soda in one day is nothing unusual, and in fact, is something that’s quite routine. After all, soda and other SBS are not only cheap and accessible; they are also widely advertised as products that promote “happiness and choice”.

Too much sugar consumption has led to some of the biggest health problems in the country today, particularly obesity, type II diabetes, and dental cavities. Obesity has become an epidemic with over one-third of the population considered obese.

Dental cavities, on the other hand, are the “most prevalent chronic disease in the United States and are a significant cause of health inequalities”, as reported in The Journal of the American Dental Association. It has been found that frequent consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates, as well as constant exposure of teeth to these substances, can increase the risks of developing dental caries or decay.

To arrest the problem, dentists have been taking an active role in discouraging the consumption of SBS, and have been participating in influencing lawmakers to take a stronger position against these products. On a local and personal level, dentists have also been taking the time and effort to better educate their patients about this issue. A trusted family dentist in Nashua, NH like Dr. Taraneh Mahjoobi considers this as among her most important services to her patients.

This concern is particularly pronounced in children, who consume more SBS than adults. Tooth decay problems in children can have long-term repercussions, as baby teeth (or temporary teeth) play an important role in a child’s digestion, and speech and social development. Additionally, premature loss of baby teeth can lead to serious dental problems in adulthood, including malocclusion, or misaligned teeth.

In line with this, a family dentist in Nashua offers other services that can better protect children’s teeth against sugar attacks, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Ask your dentist about these on your next visit, and don’t forget to listen to her advice about consuming too much SBS.


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