Care for Teeth Now or Get Treated by a Dentist in Nashua, NH Later

Care for Teeth Now or Get Treated by a Dentist in Nashua, NH Later
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Care for Teeth Now or Get Treated by a Dentist in Nashua, NH Later

It’s true when they say everyone reaps what they sow. In the case of dental health, the quality of care you provide for your teeth today, ideally with the help of a dentist in Nashua, NH, will determine whether you’ll need minimal to extensive dental work in the future or not. Aspiring dentist Ian Arturo Izaguirre writes in his site about what people should avoid so as to prevent poor dental health later in life. Here are some nasty habits to avoid:

Care for Teeth Now or Get Treated by a Dentist in Nashua

Teeth Grinding

This disorder is often a symptom of a nervous weakness or anxiety, and can literally wear down your teeth. Experienced family dentists like Dr. Taraneh Mahjoobi of Mahjoobi Family Dentist recommend wearing mouth guards while sleeping, and find ways to address the patient’s stress or anxiety so the grinding can stop.

Straining Teeth

Using your teeth as a tool to pop open champagne bottles or tear open plastic bags isn’t advisable, even if done occasionally. These actions only serve to traumatize your teeth, resulting in chipping or fracturing of tooth enamel. This means it’s best to have a bottle opener, pliers, or scissors handy when the need arises.

Detrimental Food & Drink

The stuff we eat can have negative effects on teeth, such as ice-cold soda, popcorn kernels, sugar, and more. Chewing on ice after having soda will make tooth enamel brittle and susceptible to micro-fractures. Crunching on corn kernels and seeds is likewise discouraged. Even the sugar in soda has an acidic and damaging effect on tooth enamel.

The Wrong Toothbrush

Stiff toothbrushes are preferred by many, but the truth is these overly firm bristles can do serious damage to teeth and gums, especially those in older adults. As people age, the gums tend to recede, eventually exposing the roots. The hard bristles could erode the cementum on the root as well as irritate the gums and cause tooth sensitivity. A dentist in Nashua should be consulted about what kind of toothbrush is best for an individual, especially for those who are suffering from certain dental issues.

Excessive Snacking

Snacking between meals increases the amount of residue on teeth for longer periods during which acids and bacteria can spread across the surface of teeth. Switch to crushed ice in drinks and eat snacks that are healthier to munch on, such as baby carrots. Make sure you sip sugary drinks through a straw to minimize soda exposure to your teeth and as much as possible, reduce your consumption of sticky, sugary treats.

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